integrated marketing agency A wide base of business knowledge and tremendous experience across numerous industries.
integrated marketing communication A non-compete policy, which assures that you receive the full benefit if our best ideas.
marketing strategy services Complete accountability from a team with a remarkable track record.

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how we do it


STEP 1: Business analysis, assessment, strategy and planning

Ingenuity provides a complete analysis and assessment of your current marketing situation in order to lay a solid foundation for future marketing efforts. We set specific goals and develop a solid twelve-month plan to address all marketing objectives.

STEP 2: Implementation of integrated & proactive marketing plan

Ingenuity implements a comprehensive marketing program in order to ensure optimum results. This includes:

Marketing materials, Sales and training tools and support, Internal and External Communications, Advertising, Promotions , Website Design & SEO, Events, and Public Relations

STEP 3: Track, measure and adjust

Ingenuity analyzes the results against established goals. We assess and adjust activities to continually leverage successes.

What we do

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A strong marketing strategy allows a business to concentrate its limited resources on the greaatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. The marketing strategy helps to define how the organization will engage customers and prospects and also serves as the foundation for the company's marketing plan.
A product's position is how potential buyers see the product relative to the position of the products of competitors. Positioning is something that will happen whether or not a company is proactive, reactive or passive about the on-going process of evolving a position. However a company can positively influence the perceptions through planned strategic actions. Ingenuity creates an image in the minds of your target market for your product, brand, and organization.
Ingenuity aligns the expectations behind your brand experience, creating the impression that any product associated with your brand has certain qualities or characteristics that make it special or unique. Brand marketing is an essential tool to build, leverage and protect the value of your brand.
Ingenuity develops an optimal combination of communication elements in order to maximize effects and minimize losses, ultimately ensuring that the right items are communicated to the right customers at the right times.
Ingenuity determines the proper marketing mix for each product or product groups to ensure that each is being marketed properly to its most profitable customer thereby increasing overall company profits. Additionally, we explore product additions, enhancements and product line expansions in order to increase profits.
Ingenuity works with you to develop your pricing strategy in order to ensure your pricing is aligned with your overall marketing strategy.
Ingenuity works with your sales team to develop a plan for penetrating elusive distribution channels and expanding your client base.
Ingenuity plans an executes your market research in order to improve your products and services, ultimately better serving existing customers and reaching new customers. We perform market studies, focus groups, interviews, and questionnaires depending on the goals of the research.
Ingenuity creates a comprehensive marketing plan, which includes a detailed annual calendar to ensure all areas of your business are knowledgeable and able to leverage current activities. The marketing plan provides a structured framework for all marketing activities and it follows and supports the company's marketing strategy.
Ingenuity designs your marketing materials to ensure optimal results and support the goals of the overall marketing strategy. Each piece is meticulously created with a combination of visual and written elements that serve to elicit a specific response and also add value to the company's long-term branding strategy.
Ingenuity creates an annual advertising campaign to increase sales while reducing overall expenditures. We determine the most effective publications and utilize scheduling and frequency techniques to maximize reach and entice sales. We design ads that visually appeal to and communicate directly with each target market while adding value to your overall marketing and branding strategies.
As a short term strategy we work with your sales team to create periodic incentives to bolster sales on specific items or during specific times. Longer term, we create and implement ongoing client retention, acquisition and referral programs.
Ingenuity designs and develops your website to work effectively as a sales and branding tool. Each site is carefully created utilizing written and visual communications to solicit specific responses. We also maintain the website on an ongoing basis to sustain the interest of repeat visitors.
Ingenuity manages website promotions to drive more traffic to the site and generate leads and sales.
Ingenuity assists in planning your trade show activities. We design support materials such as signage, invitations, product information, promotional items, and presentations. We improve booth traffic through advertising, publicity and additional events at the show.
Ingenuity ensures the successful launch of new products by creating and driving a comprehensive launch plan. These efforts will include proper positioning, MARCOM, publicity, advertising and promotional opportunities.
Ingenuity works with your sales team to provide them with tools that enable them to be more successful. We create effective presentations for meetings, trade shows, and events, improve proposals and develop strategic lead response materials.
Ingenuity manages website promotions to drive more traffic to the site and generate leads and sales.
Ingenuity develops an ongoing publicity campaign directed at trade and consumer publications. We create and regularly submit press releases based on an annual publicity calendar. We follow up with editorial staff and field responses and inquiries. We arrange press conferences and can make ourselves available to attend your trade shows in order to meet with members of the press.
Ingenuity Marketing Services provides you with a powerful social marketing strategy. In today's marketplace an effective campaign is capable of leveraging all of the new social media opportunities available.
Ingenuity Marketing Services develops an effective viral marketing strategy. Viral marketing is an essential tool for any successful product or service because consumers will always remain your best form of advertising.